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"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate." - John F. Kennedy

Arbitrator & Mediator in Davie FL

Consultant for Building & Civil Construction Owners Representative
Certified Circuit Court Mediator & Facilitator
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David L. John P.E., C.E.P., P.W.S.

Arbitrator | Mediator


Unlike others I have a practiced broad tool box with over 30 years of actual experience as a plaintiffand a defendant that has uniquely prepared me to assist litigants to efficiently and cost effectively resolve disputes quickly and with dignity. My experience of over 30 years of actual hands-on business experience in manufacturing, professional engineering consulting, construction, commercial & residential real-estate transactions and general business. Unlike most other mediators, I bring actual “Principal Participant” earned hands-on dispute resolution experience directly to the litigant parties during the dispute resolution process to assist them to cut through obstacles to reach a speedy, efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution. As a plaintiff and defendant, I have felt your pain. My work had taken me to many parts of the world where I have gained valuable experience working with many ethic groups and cultures.


Mediation is Quicker, voluntary process, less expensive, informal, private & confidential, timely & convention, mediator assists as a neutral third party, often preserves relationships, far less combatant, more flexibility and outcome in participant’s control whereas the outcome is not decided by a third party(s), better outcomes, parties better prepared to comply with the mediated outcome. Once it’s done, it’s done and all stakeholders walk away with an agreed to writtenresolution.



I have known David for over twenty years and I can say that his knowledge and professionalism is second to none. He is always willing to listen and provide professional advice. David, thanks for your service and advise over the years!
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6 FAQ's

Is mediation accepted in Florida as a means to settle civil law suits or disputes without going to court? Yes, the Florida Supreme Court encourages litigants to settle disputes by mediation which is most cost effective. In fact, the courts prefer disputes and civil cases be mitigated before a case is scheduled for a court hearing. The vast majority of disputes are settled at mediation which avoids a costly court hearing and an uncertain outcome. Relatively, very few cases are settled at court compared with disputes settled at mediation.