Workplace disputes are common. They can arise at any time, in any industry, even when efforts are made to prevent them. And unfortunately, they can wreak havoc in the workplace, even for those who are not directly involved. This is especially true when they escalate to the point of litigation.

Luckily, there is a better way. Mediation offers a more efficient path to resolution that is beneficial for everyone.

Mediation is an entirely voluntary process that is less formal, less time-consuming, and less expensive. It is private and confidential and offers real-world solutions that can be custom designed for the circumstances.

In mediation, third-party neutral, the mediator, assists parties in resolving their disputes. It allows the disputing parties to remain in control of the process and the outcome, which can help to preserve and improve the overall spirit of the workplace. It is far less combatant than litigation and offers more flexibility. In mediation, you are working to achieve the best possible resolution, not just end the dispute, as is the case in litigation.

If you are involved in a workplace dispute in David, FL and you believe mediation could offer a more positive outcome, David John can help. David has more than 30 years of actual hands-on business experience in manufacturing, professional engineering consulting, construction, commercial & residential real estate transactions, and general business. He understands how difficult it can be to resolve workplace disputes and he knows the courtroom is rarely the best place for doing so.

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