The unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to ripple across many industries. From cancelations of wedding venues to disputes between warring neighbors to employment disputes that arise because of cutting hours, many people are struggling to maintain civil relationships with others. Additionally, courts across the country are closing to protect staff and the general public from health hazards.

To resolve these issues, David John is offering online civil mediations. He is committed to helping people resolve their civil disputes without resorting to going to court. This process can save you time and money and provide a level of certainty during this uncertain time.

The Process of Online Civil Mediations
Online civil mediation is similar to in-person civil mediation except the parties take part by leveraging existing technology instead of showing up in person. This allows each party to safely remain at home or work while addressing the underlying legal issues. The only different thing is the format that your mediation session uses.

The process is hands-on. David John helps guide you through the process. He gets a better understanding of what led to the current conflict and encourages you to resolve your legal issue on your terms. You work directly with Mr. John. He uses the conflict resolution skills he has developed over the years as he assisted other parties to amicably resolve their disputes.

Who Online Civil Mediations Are Suited For
Online civil mediation can practically be used by anyone. The only thing that you need is a willingness to avoid the negative consequences of litigation and openness to resolving your dispute in an alternative format.

Online civil mediation is particularly suited for:

  • People who wish to maintain a civil relationship with each other
  • Professionals who do not have time or patience for a prolonged legal battle
  • Busy people who may find it difficult to resolve a dispute based on a standard court schedule
  • Individuals with illnesses or who are afraid to leave their homes due to COVID-19 or other health concerns
  • Parties who live out of state or far away from each other
  • Parties who have been unable to resolve their dispute on their own or who have a history of conflict with each other

Regardless of the underlying legal issue, you are confronting, you can enjoy the significant benefits of online civil mediation, including:

  • Convenience
  • Cost and time savings
  • An amicable resolution
  • Creative solutions
  • A faster resolution

Contact David John to Set Up Your Online Civil Mediation
If you are interested in resolving your civil legal issue for a fraction of the time and money than would be involved in the litigation process, contact David John to set up your online civil mediation. All you need to participate is a phone and a computer or other mobile device with internet access.

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How does online civil mediation work?

During online civil mediation, you, the other party and the mediator connect electronically. The mediator will begin the session by discussing the purpose of mediation and his function to guide the parties toward a resolution of their legal issue. He may then meet with each party independently to understand their perspective and to share information. During these isolated meeting, he also brings proposals and counterproposals to the parties. The negotiator may also have the participants join some meetings together and come up with possible technique to settle the dispute. Once the participants settle to an agreement, the negotiator will put it into writing and both of the participants will sign the agreement.